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Testing the Riso

Yesterday I had to test the Risograph. Today, 20 students in my Experimental Image Making for Graphic Designers class will be printing their collaged zines. If the printer didn't work it would be chaos.

A Risograph printer is essentially a photocopier, but, you can change the color of the ink drums and do multicolor prints, one color at a time.

I grabbed the first thing I had available to test print — a gouache resist I did last year of mushrooms. I love this piece and thought it might be fun to see how it translates with the riso printing process.

Mushrooms - Gouache, India ink and water color - 2022.

I just used the color that was in the printer which was blue. The quality of line and shading made for an excellent Riso Print. The Prints are wonderfully textural and have the look of an etching.

Mushrooms - Risograph print in blue - 2023.

So what was supposed to be a quick test run, turned into a fun exploration with some really amazing results. I can never get enough of the surprises that happen throughout the creative process.

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