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Prepping a submission for San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

Back in the summer I was accepted into the San Francisco Women Artist Gallery . Ever since I have been volunteering each month to work in the gallery which is such a lovely diversion from my day-to-day responsibilities. Each month the gallery opens up submission opportunities for artists to be part of an upcoming show. All the submissions are peer reviewed by local art gallery owners, curators, and critics.

I will be submitting my work for this month's opportunity called Artistic Vision. The works I will be submitting are three of my sewn collages similar to the one that will be shown in the de Young Open 2023 that will open September 30th. .

These pieces were created when I was still living in Canada. They are veryt delicate and the thread becomes lace-like when hung. The beauty lies in the shadows that these create when lit and so I have constructed special wooden brackets for them to be displayed. Held in place with magnets they move with the airflow in the room.

Pretense, by Saskia van Kampen, 2018.

Out of the three pieces that I will be submitting, two Planned Parent hood and Pretense have a feminist focus while the third, Shed, is about shedding memories and experiences that we no longer need.

This technique of making is dear to my heart. It combines sewing skills that I learned from my mother and grandmother with my graphic design background. The ext and images work together to communicate a message and the sewing weaves these narratives together. The textures that are used and ultimately produced are unexpected and delight the viewer.

Planned Parenthood, by Saskia van Kampen, 2018.

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