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Hosted a Grad Workshop at York!

York University. Master of Design Graduate Program. My Alma Mater.

I was honored to be asked to come back and give a talk on materiality and experimental image making for graphic designers.

The talk I gave to kick off the workshop linked my methods and manifesto to the Industrial Revolution and technology's take over — how I work within a continual argument between analogue and digital ways of making. I brought samples of my recent work and pieces from my own graduate projects which the students could handle and experience.

The questions and comments were great and I was happy to see numerous undergrads engaging in the conversation.

The workshop happened over three days. We started by rebelling against something we were passionate about.

The Next step was to analyze what limitations we put on ourselves and our own creative ways of making. What rules did we come up with while we worked or what rules have been ingrained through our education... what were we told to never do as a designer. We listed these and then tries to figure out why we made these barriers for ourselves. Sometimes these barriers are to help us move forward. Some kind of guidelines or limitations can help make us feel comfortable in the creative process which is limitless if we allow it to be so. This can be scary.

Then we moved towards letting go of these limitations. This was the hard part.

In order to help the students move into that realm of pure joy, I hauled out unbelieveable large pieces of paper for them to work on. This liberated them from the confines of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. And the results were spectacular.




Thank you Dev and Peri.

Thank you David fro inviting me back.

Thank you York University, School of Design.

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