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Design in Nature

This summer I had the privilege of teaching a monoprint class for the second time at San Francisco State University's Sierra Nevada Field Campus.

This unique experience provides students with ample space, time, and nature to create unique and exciting artwork over three days. The group that I taught was So intrigued by the printmaking and collaging processes that they working in the studio from 8:00 am until 9:30 pm. Breaking for swims and hikes throughout the day.

Mornings start with a 20 minute forage to find organic materials to use. These items are harvested respectfully and we do our best to keep all plants thriving by only taking one leaf from a plant, or one from a large grouping of plants, using dead or broken plants, and not using any flowers.

Monoprinting is unique in its spontaneous outcomes. It is hard to predict what the end result will be and often really exciting things happen.

This class is an absolute joy to teach.

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