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de Young Open Call - ACCEPTED!

I am so excited to start off my new blog on my new website with an acceptance to the deYoung Museum's open call for Bay Area artists. The piece that was accepted is a new sewed collage. Using vintage paper from my collection I have curated words and images that demonstrate the pressures that women have faced over the years in terms of beauty standards and proper "lady-like" behavior. The lacy quality of this piece speak to the fragility of these notions and how we are beginning to free ourselves from the web.

Planning the pattern and order of the vintage paper and lace.

Sewing the collage together using my grandmother's Husqvarna sewing machine that I inherited many years ago.

This is the finished piece. The shadow play is a really lovely aspect of this piece.

Title: Proper(ty)

Media: Mixed

Size: 19 x 24 inches

Artist: Saskia van Kampen

Year: 2023

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