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Cyanotype Workshop in Tiburon with Josie Iselin

A few weekends ago, I spent a beautiful fall day in Tiburon at a cyanotype workshop with Josie Iselin . Josie's work brings the recognition afforded the forests on land to the kelp forests below the ocean's surface".

Josie brought in her preserved kelp and seaweed collection for us to use for our prints.

The shapes and colors were incredible! Many were so, so delicate.

She demonstrated the process and then let us experiment with the different shapes from her collection and the length of exposure to the sun.


Bathing after exposure.

The day was topped off with a fabulous lecture about Josie's work, process and research.

I am continually floored by the resources our students have access to—the incredible faculty, the technology, and field campuses all make for an enriched education.

Thank you Josie!

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